Western Specialties

The most tender and succulent Steak Fillet


Most people love a steak. In Asia a great steak is often hard to find. At the house, a great deal of care has been taken to find the perfect cut of beef.     Using the best cuts of fillet, ‘the house restaurant, serves to your specifications, a perfect 210 gr steak.   We recommend that you enjoy your steak with their famous Belgium fries or creamy mashed potatoes. A beautiful homemade fresh, but light, free range egg mayonnaise is served with your succulent steak.   For those seeking a healthy alternative, a garden fresh organic salad is served as a side dish.   All beef served at ‘the house’ are hormone free.   To truly enjoy the Flemish flavours, we suggest you order the Maredesous Bruin Beer: Caramel with a hint of chocolate, fruit and toffee to compliment your steak.

The cooked to perfection exactly as you like it and you have a choice of cream ‘a la minute’ sauces prepared in the pan, using the Jus of your steak.  Choose from fresh mushroom, Lao black pepper or taragon.

Stoofvlees a traditional Belgium Beef Stew and a all time favourite at ‘the house’.


Stoofvlees is a traditional Belgium slow cooked beef dish and it is the signature dish and loved favourite at ‘the house’.     Robyn, has worked with the local german butcher to develop a mix of fine cuts of beef and buffalo to create this dish. The buffalo, adds a depth of flavour to the dish. The meat is Gently simmered and slowly cooked with Belgium Leffe Beer and French mustard. The combination of beer and mustard softens the meat pieces till they are tender and melt on the tongue. The Leffe Brown Beer gives hints of clove, toffee and caramel to the beef, and the mustard softens to a gentle warmth.

Stoofvlees is served with our famous Belgium Fries. Made from hand picked potatoes to give length and consistency. Thin long straws of potatoe quickly fried in really hot clean vegetable oil. The fries are golden brown, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Perfect as a snack or to soak up the delicious sauces.     As a snack or side dish the fries are served with your choice of a home made mayonnaise, traditional, hint of curry, spicy americano chilli and garlic.

To keep the flavours consistent, enjoy the Leffe Blonde or Brown with this meal.

We have more Western dishes on the ” a la cart ” menu…