The Lao Kitchen

lao food 1 Laap Chicken

This special cuisine in Luang Prabang can be made with chicken, beef, fish ore pork.

The meat is flavored with lime juice, fish sauce, and fresh herbs. It is usually served with some raw vegetables.

flower 5fresh-foodThe Lao International flower and the fresh market

We serve a selection of Lao dishes made from local ingredients. Our staff visits the nearby vegetable market every day for fresh herbs and vegetables—things like lemongrass, kaffir lime, ginger, bamboo, and other typical Lao flavorings. They also pick up fresh local fish for our Lao fish dishes.The House Restaurant is a home for all kinds of cuisines. Come try one of our Belgian beers and combine it with a taste of Laos!

The sticky rice, eat it by hands an make small balls and dip it in your food ..


Mok Pa ( Fish in banana Leaves ) with herbs from the Forest ! Mmmm